Create An Eggs-tra Special Gift Basket This Easter!

Create An Eggs-tra Special Gift Basket This Easter!

Easter is almost here! 🐰🌷

Are you ready to hop into the Easter spirit? Let's make this holiday eggs-tra special for your little ones. In this blog post, we've shared some cracking ideas on how to create an eggs-cellent Easter basket that will have your children hopping with joy.

Find a Cute Easter Basket:
The foundation of any great gift basket is, of course, the basket itself! You can easily find adorable Easter baskets at your local shops like Target or Coles. Choose one that matches your little one's personality or opt for a classic design that's sure to delight.

Add a Soft Toy Bunny:
No Easter basket is complete without a cuddly bunny friend! Our range of adorable soft toys includes some irresistible options. Consider including our Bailey Bunny Soft Toy, whose floppy ears and gentle demeanor are bound to capture your child's heart. Or, for a touch of elegance, Nana Hunchy Mrs Bunny Pink or Mr Honey Bunny Mustard are perfect choices to add a pop of colour and charm to the basket.

Include Some PJ's or Cute Easter Themed Clothing:
Bring cosy comfort to sleepy time with our Easter-themed clothing or soft pyjamas! Whether it's a onesie adorned with cute bunnies or a pair of stripey PJs, adding these comfortable clothing pieces to the basket will surely make it extra special.

Add a Book:
Encourage a love for reading from an early age by including a delightful book in the Easter basket. Our "Will You Be My Friend?" hardcover book is not only visually captivating with its vibrant illustrations but also carries a heartwarming message about friendship and kindness. It's the perfect addition to your little one's growing library and a wonderful way to bond over story time.

Include a Wooden Toy or Rattle:
Stimulate your baby's senses and encourage their development with a wooden toy or a sweet rattle. These timeless classics provide endless entertainment while promoting fine motor skills and sensory exploration. Choose from our selection of thoughtfully crafted wooden toys or playful rattles to add some play-based fun to the Easter basket.

As you lovingly assemble your Easter gift basket, remember that it's about more than just the items inside - it's about the joy they bring and the memories they create. Picture the laughter as you read the book together, the pure delight of little feet dancing through the grass in the comfiest Easter attire, and the sheer happiness on their faces as they grasp the rattle and watch their world light up with every shake. These moments are the true essence of Easter - the laughter, the love, and the magic shared with your little ones.

Happy Gift Basket making! Don't forget to tag us on social media if you use any of our pieces in your Easter Basket (We'd love to see!) 🐰✨

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