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Decoding Style and Function: Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Nappy Bag

I sat down with Isabella Bennetts-Roberts, Business Development Manage from OiOi Nappy Bags to talk all things nappy bags. Isabella is so passionate about the brand. Plus, she shared her insights on choosing (and packing!) the perfect nappy bag.
Your Mother Started This Business When She Was Pregnant With You. How Did You Feel About The Business Growing Up?
When my mum, Lisa Bennetts, was pregnant with me, she wanted a bag that worked well, suited her taste and was something her husband would also be happy carrying. You see, nappy bags were not much of a thing back then. They were basic, and daggy. Mum, who was a fashion buyer, adapted a black handbag to her needs and that’s what started OiOi.
During primary school, I loved visiting the warehouse and taking sample swatches home to make little outfits for my teddy bears! As I got older, I thought my mum and her sister, who worked with her, were really cool. I loved going on trips with her to trade shows.

As I’ve got older, I have gained more and more respect for what mum did in starting and running her own business. My first direct involvement was with the Instagram side of things. I still love responding to all the comments, it’s such a great mood setter for the day.

How Has Your Role In The Business Evolved Over The Years?

I started doing more and more; email marketing, then organising photo shoots.

We then designed the backpack, which has been our most successful bag. I never thought I’d be good at design, but I loved the collaborative process. I contributed key ideas, like the zip-around style, which have really paid off.

Since COVID hit in 2020, I’ve been involved full-time. I’ve been doing a lot of product development. I’m taking the lead on strategic thinking and forward planning and managing the relationship with the manufacturer. I’m learning more every day.

OiOi Pink Nappy Backpack

What Do You Love About Designing And Creating Nappy Bags?

I’ve always loved thinking about what people need. I studied anthropology at university and, in a subtle way, that informs how I approach design. I love hearing feedback and learning what people are looking for.

Our customers and stockists are so great! As a consumer, I’ve always approached buying things through investing in one thing well, so I love the idea of creating a product that does what you need it to do.

I love that most of our customers use one of our bags for all their kids, then give it to their sister, who then sells it on Facebook Marketplace.Your bags are produced ethically at a factory you’re in constant contact with. Can you tell me about the factory and what it means for you and your customers that your bags are ethically produced?

Mum started working with this factory over 15 years ago. Her background as a fashion buyer saw her see the rag trade move manufacture from within Australia to overseas.

The factory we work with, in Qingdao in China, provides phenomenal craftsmanship. It’s a really special relationship. We’re talking and collaborating pretty much every day.

Our customers want to know where their bag has come from. Like them, I think about the future and want to purchase based on ethical and sustainable choices.

Why Does Choosing The Perfect Nappy Bag Really Matter?

When you’re a parent, your nappy bag is like an extension of you!

Because you take it everywhere and it contains all the things you need, it needs to work well and make you feel good. It’s like a 2.0 version of your pre-baby bag, whether that was a trusty handbag, a crossbody bag or a backpack.

There Are So Many Nappy Bags On The Market – Styles, Sizes, Fabrics, Features, Comfort Etc. How Do People Choose The Right One For Them?

My top tip is to think about who you are and then how you’ll be using the bag. Some important things to consider are:

Size and weight

Bigger might seem better but, remember, you’ll need to carry the bag and your baby. To help ensure you won’t be overloaded, make sure the empty bag doesn’t weigh much over 1kg.


Check out the straps, knowing that wider and padded straps will help protect your shoulders. Make sure that, however you’ll wear the bag, you can have both hands free when needed for bub.


Do you prefer flexibility, or having a specific spot for everything? Look for a mix of elasticated pockets for easy access and zippered pockets for security.


This is the most subjective element of the decision but don’t forget that you may share the bag with your partner or other people who help care for you little one. Look for a style that suits you (including the big decision of backpack or tote) and is one that you’ll love.

OiOi Dusty Pink Pram Caddy Organiser

What Mistakes Do People Typically Make When Choosing A Nappy Bag?

A big one is underestimating the weight of the bag once it’s fully packed. If your bag is huge and three or four kilograms when empty, you may find yourself struggling to carry it.

Another mistake that people make is assuming that overly ‘gadgetised’ bags are best. But, ask yourself whether you really need a phone charger in your bag, or will it simply become one more thing to remember to charge. A pocket for wipes sounds good but having constant moisture in there can lead to mould. 

What Advice Do You Have For Effectively Packing A Nappy Bag On A Daily Basis? How Do You Avoid Overpacking Or Underpacking?

My first piece of advice is to allocate a purpose to each pocket. So you always know where to pop your bottles or to check what needs refilling.

You’ll find that having an organised nappy bag will help you streamline your restocking process. Yes, a good bag can help you with your organisation!

You need to pack according to your bag. For example, a backpack forces you to pack vertically. You want to aim for being able to ‘grab and go’. That simplicity extends to being able to ask someone else to grab a nappy for you, so it should be easy to explain where they should look.

Your Faux Leather Nappy Bag Won The Highest Rated Nappy Bag Award At The 2020 And 2021 Tellmebaby.Com.Au Awards. Yay! How Does This Bag Help Mums Be Better Bag Packers?

Our customers say they love the multiple compartments, the external insulated pockets, the sturdy but easy-to-use zips, and the stylish look of the bag. For me, the durable faux leather and protective metal feet are ideal materials for a nappy bag, and the easy-wipe lining means that you can always have a clean and well-packed bag.

I’m especially proud of these awards because Tell Me Baby winners are chosen by Australian parents. That takes me back to my initial role with OiOi, where I personally responded to every single review.

I Know You’re Not Supposed To Play Favourites, But Which Bag Is Your Favourite Bag?

It might seem like I’m just copying everyone but it’s the Faux Leather Nappy Backpack that won the Tell Me Baby awards. As well as the features I’ve already described, I am proud that the zip rather than a flap at the top was one of my design contributions.

I also love the top handle. It’s so easy to grab when you’re running out the door. And, my laptop fits in it perfectly.

And, may I have a second favourite?

Of Course You Can!

Oh great! I also really love the Faux Leather Tote Triple Compartment Nappy Bag. That’s because it feels really nice to wear, looks gorgeous and transitions really nicely into a work bag.

Thanks so much to Isabella for giving us her inside tips. It’s lovely to speak with someone who shares my passion for all things baby.

I know choosing the perfect nappy bag can seem like a mammoth task. To shop for your ideal nappy bag, see our full range of OiOi Nappy Bags.

~ Kate xo