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From Bodysuits To Gift Hampers - How It All Started

Gift hampers hold the power to transform a simple present into a cherished keepsake. But how did it all start? Let's rewind to where it all started, back when I was working in printing. Sitting at my desk, playing around with designs, an idea sparked - to create a special printed bodysuit for a baby in my mother's group, who was about to turn one.

The first recipient was little Kimberley. I designed a bodysuit with her name, birth year, and a whimsical horse carousel. Using the printing machines at work, I brought the design to life on the fabric.

The response at Kimberley's party was overwhelming - everyone adored my idea of personalised baby bodysuits. That's when I decided to design bespoke bodysuits for all the babies in our group for their first birthdays.

I reached out for help from a friend and her husband to create my own exclusive range. Inspired by my life as a defence wife, helicopters became the focus point, alongside other delightful designs. On the side of the helicopter, each design had the baby’s name and year of birth making it truly unique.

 With my designs ready, my friend's husband helped set up my first basic website, allowing me to showcase my creations. I even designed my very first logo.

Then, one Friday afternoon, an email came through from someone in the Navy community, asking if so could possibly make a gift box up with the personalised onesie. I was so excited, I rushed out to the newsagent to buy a blue gift box, then to spotlight for some ribbon and a blue baby blanket. I went home and quickly put together the gift box, ready for the customer to collect in the morning. It was just beautiful.

After that, I thought, I can really do this, I can make something from this, and so I registered my business name and ABN number. Once I had did that, I was able to start applying to become a potential stockist for well-known brands. In my search, I found the most amazing vintage suitcases, and satin edged baby blankets. This felt like my starting point, though the initial investment was daunting, the possibility of success outweighed the fear.

My name was now starting to really get out there, people were noticing my name and my gift hampers. I was even asked to be apart of a small market at the local School of Arts in Nowra. (OMG, me, showing off what I can create?!). I said yes, and off I went, with my little table, three hampers, my designs hanging on a string, with my daughter Emily next to me who was smiling away with her very own printed tee.

That day, I received six orders for my hampers.  

By this point, my hampers had developed more and now came with a personalised suitcase, personalised bodysuit, personalised ribbon (yes, the gift ribbon had their names printed) and personalised gift card too, that matched the design. 

From that moment, I realised I had found my true calling. This wasn't just a hobby - it was my new career, fueled by passion and creativity. And so, the journey of creating personalised gift hampers continued, and it hasn’t stopped since….