Alt text: A beautifully designed greeting card featuring a Native Daisies Gift of Seeds, containing Swan River daisy, everlasting daisy, and strawflower seeds for lovely Australian blooms.

Thoughtful Gifts Under $10 - Gift Of Seeds

Gift-giving becomes even more meaningful with our selection of eco-friendly greeting cards paired with packets of seeds, all priced under $10. Made with love in Australia, these cards are not just a gesture but a gift of growth and inspiration. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply spreading joy, our eco-friendly greeting cards with seeds are the perfect choice for everyone on your list.

Who Would Love These Eco-Friendly Gifts?

Teachers play a vital role in shaping young minds, and they deserve to be appreciated. Our eco-friendly greeting cards with seeds make a thoughtful and affordable gift for teachers. One of our favourites is the "forget-me-not" seed, symbolising the impact teachers have on the students lives.

Finding the right gift for grandparents can be challenging, but our seed-filled greeting cards offer a personal touch that they'll cherish. Give them a seed card to plant in their garden, and with each sprout, they'll be reminded of you and the love you share. It's a beautiful way to connect across generations.

Introduce children to the joys of gardening and nature with our seed-filled greeting cards. Watching a seed sprout and grow into a plant is a magical experience for kids. It's not just a gift; it's a hands-on learning opportunity that fosters curiosity and responsibility.

Who else?

Friends and Neighbours
Surprise a friend or neighbour with a seed card as a gesture of friendship and positivity. It's a small but meaningful way to brighten someone's day.

Show appreciation to colleagues or co-workers with these unique and eco-friendly gifts. They'll appreciate the thoughtful touch and the opportunity to nurture a plant.

So, Why Choose Eco-Friendly Greeting Cards with Seeds?

Our Gift Of Seeds has purpose, which is to grow into a beautiful flower to be enjoyed for many months after the initial gifting. Watching a seed germinate and slowly grow into a beautiful plant is a wonder and joy. Gift of Seeds contains at least 25 seeds, or similar to what you would expect to find in a standard seed packet, as well as a plant label and sowing instructions. They are 100% Australian made and certified, and are compostable and recyclable, which means they won't end up in landfill. 

Ready to give the gift of love & growth?

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