Well my dream finally came true on October 18th 2016 when I opened the doors on my very own brick and mortar baby boutique.

The new KID on the block was me and the town of Nowra was a buzz with what was actually opening in the main arcade, I had the front window filled with 300 balloons that I blew up myself.

Customers were walking past each day in the lead up to opening day and taking #selfies outside and posting them to social media and whilst they were doing that, other walkers by would ask them why they were talking pictures and then  they would take pics and this was happening for two full weeks.
9am came by and I had a line up of customers waiting to come in and see what I had to offer.

It was amazing.

The day was filled with tears of happiness and lots of laughter, mums were so happy to see my shop finally open and kids were rushing to the toys to play. I honestly couldn’t have asked for anymore.

The shop has been so busy in it’s first 3 weeks and now that I offer lay-by it has become even busier.

I am open from 9.30am till 4.30pm Tuesday to Friday and 9.30am – 1pm on Saturday

Afterpay is available on my website and in store www.kateinglishdesigns.com.au