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Give a gift that brings delight. Music boxes and jewellery boxes make treasured gifts that are perfect to mark any occasion.

Discover Wooderful’s whimsical showpieces. These music boxes offer plenty of styles for boys and girls. Choose from space odyssey, dinosaurs, happy clouds castle, the Wizard of Oz, and more.

Signature Scandanavian styling makes these gorgeous music boxes into nursery showpieces. Each Wooderful music box plays a different tune and is wind up – no batteries required.

Choose from beautiful ballerina jewellery boxes or classic carousel music boxes for the little girl in your life. Evoke the nostalgia of childhood with a gift that will enchant.

Let us take the stress out of gifting, and choose a Kate Inglish gift box. 

You can choose the items or let Kate’s expertise do the work for you! Kate’s specialty is curating the ideal selection of essential items and special accessories to create the ultimate gift – a gorgeous hamper that is practical, adorable and completely bespoke.

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