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The day I found myself featured in the Sydney Morning Herald finance section.

Wow! What a thrill it was to be asked from VEND to give an interview about my experience using VEND POS system in my shop after only 3 months.

I was just thinking it would have been a little paragraph somewhere online.

Well to my surprise I was contacted from a PR agent for the Sydney Morning Herald for a interview. I wasn’t sure what it was going to be about and to be honest I was nervous. I had never been interviewed to this capacity before.

The morning arrived and the phone rang, I answered all confident and excited. The interview lasted about 10 minutes and once I get start talking about my business I can talk for hours, but I only had 10 minutes.

I was told I would be notified when it went live. I was just thinking online. No, I was wrong. It went print and Australia wide and my friend had tagged me on his Instagram stories and there I was, a little picture of me on the front page of the online Sydney Morning Herald. I was so excited. I went over and read the article and took a screen shot of every part of the article so I wouldn’t miss a thing.

I thought to myself, if it is online surely it would have to be in print. Maybe or was I just hopeful?
Nope, I was right. As I was browsing through the newspaper all excited, there I was on page 29 in FULL PRINT. A beautiful photo of me on opening day in my newly renovated shop standing up against my wall, proud as punch with a grin from ear to ear.

I secretly squealed with delight inside and another business owner in Nowra had walked past me at the time and saw my excitement.

I quickly went back to my shop and cut out the article and proudly placed it on my white wall for everyone to see.

A business woman from Nowra and the only person in the state of NSW to be asked to do this interview and there I was in the finance section of the Sydney Morning Herald.

Work hard, it’s does pay off.

Kate x

Kate Inglish Designs Sydney Morning Herald