Woman in Business

Jan 30, 2016 | Kate Inglish Designs

Woman in Business

Life with kids is hard. Life as a woman in business is a really tough gig – but I love it and wouldn’t change it.

When I had my daughter back in 2009 I was working in a printing business and run by a lovely lady who I had actually trained to take over from my job when I went on leave, anyway, whilst working there I had always treated it as my own business. Did everything I possibly could to do the best for this small business.

After 3 months back at work – I struggled. My daughter was nine months old and I was working just one day a week and of that one day a week I would only 2 maybe 3 a month. Why so little? Well my daughter would be sick, would catch a cold or come down with a temp. What’s worse as I would have to call my employer and explain that I was unable to work that day due to my baby being sick. This not only made me feel guilty for my boss for my daughter – that I wasn’t there for her when she needed me. One afternoon on a Friday I went in and resigned. It wasn’t fair on all parties.

So what now?
I am the kind of person who needs to work and have the “adult work time” I enjoy work, I enjoy talking and I enjoy people’s company.

What job could I possibly do?
I used my savings and bought a heat press and some blank onesies and t-shirts. From there I made up some little t-shirts for my daughter’s friends first birthday’s. They had a image of something they loved at that moment in life, one was dogs, carousels, and butterflies.

They LOVED them – huge hit, maybe just maybe there is a market for what I do?

There was and I began to make up my personalised gift sets to the local Defence Force base when new babies arrived. Then I began to sell at the markets and WOW if you have not done a market before there is so much more than just a tent and a table – you can read my story here

I have a large range of baby gifts including our personalised mini suitcases, wooden toys, musical carousels, baby blankets, Bunnykins range by Royal Doulton and the amazing Alimrose Designs.



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