Wooden Toys Farm Yard Set review

Oct 15, 2014 | Kate Inglish Designs

Wooden Toys – Farm Yard Set review

Kate Inglish Designs was lucky enough to be able to be apart of Finding Myself Young review for our wooden toys farm yard set. These fun and educational wooden toys are a must have for any toddler who loves to role play and play with quality toys to keep their minds and fingers busy.

These very special wooden farm sets include a colourful lockable wooden barn, 1 farmer and his wife, cow, sheep, horse, pig, duck, chicken, 2 apple trees, carrots, felt straw and water.

These are suited for children aged 3 years plus and all wooden toys are made from non-toxic paints.

Wooden toys help with children’s hand eye co-ordination, social skills, imagination, they do not require batteries and allow children to use the toy as what they are designed for and not to just push a button and watch it.

With these farm sets it allows the child to learn a variety of things.

  1. colours
  2. various animals
  3. what sounds animals make by listening and learning from role models
  4. hand eye co-ordination

You can find our in depth review from Finding Myself Young here.


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