You remember that time when you found out you were having another baby?
The exciting butterfly flutter in your belly when the doctor says “you are pregnant” and you rush home to tell your partner?

I didn’t get the second part.

I had been feeling unwell and the tests had all come back negative so I booked an appointment with my gp and told him my concerns. Straight away he made me pee in a cup to make sure and that was negative so he send me off for bloods and told to come back in a few days.

I went home and struggled for energy to be running around after my energetic toddler. You see my hubby had just left to be in Melbourne for the Air Show for work and I was knackered!!

So off I went to the doctor a few days later and he sat me down and looked me straight in the eye and said “you’re pregnant” He was a very funny and kind man and I told him he was lying as the tests were negative. He laughed and ensured me I had a bubs in my belly and hugged me and told me to go tell someone.

lol….I didn’t.

I got home and sat on my bed full of joy but no one to celebrate with. I told my daughter but at that age she only cared about the cheese stick that had fallen on the floor and was dirty.

I rang my mum and dad they were beside themselves with excitement, I couldn’t ring hubby as he was working and the wait was killing me.

Finally after 4 hours of waiting he rang

“whatcha been up to” he asked

“getting pregnant” I said

If I could have seen his face it would have been priclesss.

By this stage I felt so much happier as the only person I really wanted to tell, now knew. Being so early I didn’t tell my friends.

Anyway fast forward 9 months later and Miss R was born 1 day before he due date, my eldest comes running into the room to see her baby sister and she hands over a soft pink elephant that we bought from the zoo for Miss E to give to the new baby.

But then it dawned on me that the new baby was getting gifts but what about the Big Sister. She had always been the baby and now this tiny, squishy, crying baby has arrived.

I didn’t have anything for her, she had a sister but she couldn’t carry that around all day. This is where my Big Sister and Big Brother gift bags came into play.

Now when bubs is due you too can have a sweet gift bag to give to your son or daughter when they add the new title of “Big” to their name.

Big Sister’s can choose from a handmade purse and hair accessory printed gift pack or a Ballerina doll printed gift bag.
Big Brother’s get to have a super cool wooden toy truck in a printed gift bag, both with a Big Brother or Big Sister Book.

These gift bags have become a number 1 seller for us with so many happy new “BIG” kids.Big Sister Gift Bags with Alimrose Doll