Llorens Dolls

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      Explore the enchanting world of Llorens Dolls, meticulously crafted in Spain. With a design mirroring real babies, these artisan-made dolls feature fabric and vinyl bodies, vinyl limbs, and life like details.

      Some even cry, offering a truly treasured and realistic playtime companion for your child. Discover the magic of Llorens โ€“ where every doll becomes a cherished favourite.

      History of Llorens dolls?

      Muรฑecas Llorens was established in 1995 in Onil, Spain, by Miguel Llorens. The company's origins date back to 1958 when Miguel's grandfather, Antonio Juan Juan, started creating handmade artisan dolls. This legacy has been handed down through the family, influencing the brand's dedication to quality and excellence.